The military runs a number of programs that enable young people without their General Educational Development (GED) to study for and take the GED exam, as passing the GED qualifies them to enlist. However, after military service is completed not everyone receives their GED records automatically, which maybe essential for finding work or continuing an education. The good news is that there is a straightforward to obtain GED records from the military.

Go to the American Council of Education GED Transcript Request webpage and check on the list under the title: "Military, overseas or correctional facility testing programs" to check whether the time and place or service in which you took your GED is listed. If so click the "GED Transcript Request Form" button and proceed to Step 2 below. If you do not find the place and time you took your GED listed proceed to Step 3 below.

Fill out the GED Transcript Request form. Print out the form using the "Print Form" button and make sure you sign and date it at the bottom of the page. Post the form to:

GED Testing Service One Dupont Circle Suite 250, Washington, DC 20036-1193

Enclose the required fee if you are paying by money order. If you are paying by credit card you can fax the form to (202) 296-8404.

Go down the page until you find the list titled: "All Other GED Testing Sites." Look here for the place and time or service in which completed your GED. If a link to another page is included with the relevant listing, follow the link to find the relevant form or administrator. Complete the form or contact the listed administrator for details on how to obtain your GED records. If no link is offered, contact the relevant administrator from the section of the list that refers to where and when you took your GED exam. They will be able to give you specific details about obtaining your GED records.

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