The General Equivalency Degree (GED) tests were developed after World War II to allow veterans to finish their education. Today, many people take the GED so that they can get into college or enhance their job prospects. The GED covers five subject areas including writing, reading, social studies, science, and math. In Pasco County, Florida, the Pasco-Hernando Community College offers free GED preparation classes at all of their various campuses. The only requirement for these is that prospective students be over the age of 18.

Step 1

Decide which campus is right for you, you will likely want to choose the campus closest to your home or work. The Pasco-Hernando Community College offers GED preparation classes on all four of its campuses, but only the East and West campuses are in Pasco County. The East Campus is located at 36727 Blanton Rd. in Dade City, and the West Campus is located at 10230 Ridge Road in New Port Richey.

Step 2

Contact the center of your choice. The East Campus Teaching-Learning-Center, which manages the GED classes among others, is located in the Charles E. Conger Library on the campus. You may also wish to contact Senior Office Assistant Clara Capote at 352-518-1223 and via email at, or Senior Office Assistant Charlene Donatello at 352-518-1268 and via email at For information on the GED prep program on the West Campus, call 727-816-3248 or 727-816-3396.

Step 3

Once you have spoken with a representative, they will inform you you of how to enroll. At the West Campus center, students are expected to complete 100 class hours between when the semester starts in January and when it finishes in May. You will also be required to take the TABE test on the campus before starting classes. A time for this can be arranged when you call the center.

Step 4

Complete the classes and take the GED test as soon as possible, while you are still well prepared. Your instructors can tell you where and when to take the actual GED test. These tests are also given out by Pasco County Public Schools, who can be reached at 772-774-1735 or 352-524-9033.

Step 5

Come to the test prepared and well rested, and pass your GED examination.

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