Running for elementary school student council can be an apprehensive activity for young children. They may be nervous speaking in front of their classmates and unsure of what tasks the role of a student council member includes. Students running for council will be required at some time to make a speech to the other students that details what the speaker will do for the other students or why they are the best choice for the position. Most student council speeches follow similar themes and include similar sections.

Speaker Qualities

Many student council speeches are written around the qualities the speaker feels sets them apart from other candidates. The speech might list popularity, intelligence, dedication or the ability to do certain things. The speech should start with an introduction and a summary of what the speaker feels they can accomplish as a student council member. The speech should not sound like bragging and should offer evidence to support what it says.

Leadership Abilities

Some student council candidates focus on their abilities to be leaders. They may point out their extracurricular activities such as scouts organizations or church groups where they may take a leadership role. They may speak about what their leadership might accomplish for their voters by pointing out issues that are important to their classmates, and how the speaker can try to address them.

Issues Addressed

For older elementary students, speeches may focus on particular issues that are important to the student body as a whole. These issues may include curriculum choices or activities that the students would like to see implemented. The issues may be on cafeteria food or certain school rules. The speaker may make a speech about a plan to reasonably address the situations by providing a voice for the voters.

What Not to Say

Within the speech, there are negative topics to avoid. The candidate shouldn't attack other students that are running for the same office or other offices. Focusing on their own positive qualities and ideas for the office is a better way to present themselves in their speech. Additionally, the candidate shouldn't make outlandish promises in their speech that are undeliverable.

Overall Speech Themes

Many speeches blend other types of speeches into one. They may focus on the qualities that the candidate feels she possesses, her leadership potential and how she may resolve problems or issues the students feel they face. She may speak about ideals the students want to see achieved such as a reduction in bullying or how she can lobby for longer recess breaks or more time in the lunchroom.

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