A campaign speech must convey an overall message to the intended audience. It must appeal to the emotions and feelings of the audience and connect the spoken words to persons who will hopefully support the candidate giving the speech. The greatest impact a speech can have is to mobilize a group of people to support, fund and to work for the candidate making the speech. All of this must be clearly articulated during the beginning of the speech.

Introduce yourself. Tell the people who you are in the most concise way without overwhelming them with your resume. Focus on those credentials that support you in being qualified and the best candidate for the office you seek.

Start the speech by appealing to the heart of the people who will listen to the speech. Vary your speech cadences, rhythms and voice intonation so that your speech appeals to the human psyche.

State the overall purpose of the campaign early in the speech. Ensure that the beginning of the speech is clear and outlines two to three main ideas that the speech will cover. Listeners will only retain a few points at a time. Carefully reiterate those main ideas throughout the speech.

Write the speech for the intended audience. Cater the speech to address the issues that are important to the audience. Use demographic data to help design the speech for the persons that will be in attendance to hear the speech.

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