Why Do I Need a Topic for an Informative Speech?

Any student enrolled in a speech class will be expected to give a speech in front of his or her classmates.

This can be daunting, especially for students who want to ensure that they speak on something informative and have no idea where to start.

  • A good rule of thumb for choosing an informative speech topic is to stick with a subject on which you have experience or one you have taken an interest in.
  • This will shine through and make your speech flow naturally.

What are Some Popular Informative Speech Topics?

1. Movies

If you are interested in a particular genre of films, give an informative speech on the history of the genre.

  • Include famous films, actors who have made a career in films in this category, great directors, remakes and plots.

For example:

A horror movie buff could give a speech on popular films of the 1970s and 1980s. This speech could include a synopsis of each film, name its major stars and discuss remakes or sequels.

2. Moments in History

Historical events and leaders make great subjects of informative speeches.

  • A student interested in British rulers could trace the lineage through time.
  • If you are interested in a particular country, you could talk about the current government of the country, the systems of government the country has had and political parties that have run the country.
  • Those interested in Black history could give a speech on the civil rights movement, Black inventors or abolition.

3. How-To Guides

Students who are good with their hands will enjoy giving an informative speech that is essentially a "how-to" guide.

  • If you are a baker, write a speech on how to bake a cake.
  • Those who work on cars might give a speech on how to change the oil in your car.

The speech can be demonstrative of a physical activity or a sport the student plays:

  • like how to do a Herkie in cheerleading or how to throw a football

4. Occupations

It is always interesting to learn about a day in the life of someone with an exciting occupation, and a student in speech class can use this to write an informative speech.

  • Shadow a parent for a day and write a speech about what kinds of things he or she does, or put yourself in the shoes of a fictional person like a soldier, doctor or president to discuss the important on-the-job tasks.
  • If you have decided what you want to be when you graduate, write a speech on how you will get to your goal.

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