It can be extremely difficult to be accepted into medical school, even for students with high GPAs. Choosing the right major as an undergraduate is important to ensure that you are as well prepared as possible for the medical school entrance exam. In addition, the difficulty level of different undergraduate programs of study will vary and may have an impact on your GPA, which will be closely reviewed by the acceptance board of any medical school you apply to. By choosing the right major now, you can increase your chances of being accepted into the medical school of your choice.

Consider majors that will help you prepare for the medical college admission test, commonly called MCAT. The MCAT is required of all students hoping to gain acceptance into medical school. The MCAT contains sections on the physical sciences (general chemistry and physics), the biological sciences (biology and organic chemistry), verbal reasoning and writing. The better prepared you are for the MCAT, the higher you will score.

Study a subject you like and are good at. The more you like a subject, the more likely you are to excel at it. Maintaining a high GPA is crucial to getting accepted into medical school.

Look up the acceptance statistics for the medical school you are interested in applying to. The acceptance statistics list will tell you the percentages of each undergraduate major that are reflected in the school’s current student body. This list will give you an idea of the undergraduate majors that the medical school acceptance board at your chosen school favors. Many medical schools post their acceptance statistics online.

Seek advice from professors you trust or even your family physician. They can inform you of what to expect and how to choose a major that will best prepare you for the medical school of your choice.

Consider taking a double major as an undergraduate. Not only will a double major be impressive to any medical school admissions board, but it can help you keep your GPA up if you are not as strong in the sciences as you are in other subjects. A double major also demonstrates that you are passionate about multiple subjects.

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