Life is a series of stages. Many schools recognize this by holding graduation ceremonies for the student completing elementary school. From simple to elaborate, these ceremonies seek to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of preteens before they enter the world of middle school. Families can also recognize and celebrate elementary school graduation with these ideas.

Take lots of pictures of your child with friends and favorite elementary school teachers. Years from now, he'll be happy that you did.

Hold a party for the graduating class. An after graduation party can be fun for kids and parents. Possible ideas include a dance in the gym, bowling, skating or a swim party. Just provide a last chance for all the kids to be together.

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Celebrate elementary school graduation with a family party. Include your child's favorite foods or eat out at a favorite restaurant, even if it's something that involves a drive-thru. The crowning touch to any individual's celebration is some type of cake. Decorate a cake or large cookie with congratulations to the graduate.

Create a memory book for your grad. Include photos and highlights of their elementary school years. Kids enjoy seeing the changes in themselves and their friends over the years.

Take a trip. For many families, summer is the time for family vacations. How about recognizing your child's accomplishments by letting her join in the planning? Ask your child to come up with three vacation destinations after providing acceptable guidelines (for example, in the continental United States), and see if one will work. If family vacations are out this year, think about taking your child on a one-on-one weekend trip.

Give a gift to the elementary school or a favorite teacher from your child. Recognize them for their contributions to your child's success.

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