Studying architecture in Europe is a very exciting prospect. The variety of styles and the historic buildings can enhance learning about architectural design and building construction. One challenge may be the language barrier. However, a large number of architecture schools in Europe offer programs in English.

Liverpool School of Architecture

The University of Liverpool's school of architecture has programs in both general architecture and design studies. Because it is located in the United Kingdom, the official language is English. Liverpool also offers a two-year full-time master's program in architecture as well as a one-year master's program in sustainable environmental design in architecture.

Institute for Advanced Architecture Catalonia

The Institute for Advanced Architecture Catalonia, or IAAC, specializes in cutting-edge research and building construction. Although the school is based in Barcelona, Spain, the courses are taught in English. Students and faculty come from more than 35 countries, including Poland, the United States, Italy and China. The IAAC offers both one-year and two-year master's programs.

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The Glasgow School of Art

As one of the leading art schools in the United Kingdom, the Glasgow School of Art is an excellent choice for English-speaking courses. It is a small, community-based art school based in the arts-filled city of Glasgow, Scotland. The Mackintosh School of Architecture offers two programs in architecture as well as an engineering with architecture program, which offers courses to students of engineering as part of a civil engineering degree.

The Staedelschule Academy of Fine Arts

The Staedelschule Academy is an international academy based in Frankfurt, Germany. About 60 percent of its students come from countries other than Germany. The Staedelschule offers a masters in architecture program that stresses the need for contemporary design skills material technology, while maintaining a close relationship with the fine arts. Because it draws so many international students, all courses are taught in English.

Oulu School of Architecture

The University of Oulu in Oulu, Finland, offers an international master's degree program in architectural design. It is a two-year program, free of charge, and is for international students with an undergraduate degree in architecture. This program is taught entirely in English. The program focuses on studio projects, and lectures include contemporary Finnish and Scandinavian architecture as well as latest developments in building material.

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