Studying abroad is one of the best experiences you can have as a college student. Whether you choose to celebrate a spring break abroad, study one semester abroad or even a whole year, every college student should try to do it at least once.

There are many benefits to studying abroad. In addition to having the chance to live in another country and travel around, some employers actually prefer students who have global experience, as it shows their ability to adapt well to new cultures and environments.

Many students are hesitant about looking into study abroad programs due to the costs. However, studying abroad can actually be affordable, even cheaper than studying in your home country. And, don't worry about finding one of the best places to study abroad that's English-speaking. Wherever you go, you will learn some of the local languages and you'll find your way.

1. Mexico

For students from the United States who want the experience of living in another country without going too far from home, consider studying abroad south of the border in Mexico. Mexico has some, if not the best, universities in all of Latin America, except that they cost for a quarter of the price you would pay to study at a school of the same caliber in the U.S. Cities like Monterrey and Mexico City offers a comfortable home away from home to study in. Best of all, Mexico has so many different places to explore and enjoy, from the incredible beaches in the Yucatan to the chilly mountainous landscapes in the central part of the country.

2.  China

While some students might want to stay close to home, others may want to get as far away as possible and study abroad in a place with a completely different culture. China has well-known universities in the major cities, from Shanghai and Guangzhou, to Xi’an and Chengdu. There are great programs both for undergraduate and graduate students and many schools in the U.S., like NYU, have branches in China. Of course, while cities like Beijing might be rather expensive, China overall is affordable.

3. Italy

Italy is one of the most popular choices among students hoping to study abroad. Whether it be Florence or Rome, studying abroad in Italy is a chance to learn about the country’s amazing history and explore the magnificent countryside. You’ll meet plenty of other students in the same boat as you, and all at a very reasonable price, especially for Europe. Students have been studying abroad in Italy for years, but the country still ranks as one of best places to study abroad in 2018 according to When you’re not studying, feel free to hop over to another country!

4. Brazil

South America, in general, offers many affordable study abroad options for adventurous students. For those who want to major in a language like Spanish or Portuguese, learn about Latin American history and indigenous cultures or study rainforest animals, there’s no better place to do it than immersing yourself in the culture. Here, you’ll get the chance to explore everywhere from the Amazon to modern cities like Sao Paolo, without breaking the bank.

5. Germany

Germany may be more expensive than studying in other European countries, but for the quality of education and experience you’d be getting, it’s worth it. Germany tends to offer both local and foreign students access to scholarships through DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service), which makes studying abroad here not only affordable, but you may even have extra money to travel with, even after your expenses are paid! Almost every city in Germany has at least one reputable university, and if you’re okay with not being in Munich or Berlin, costs should be low enough. Germany is a particularly good choice for those interested in studying engineering.

6. Czech Republic

Right next to Germany is a country that’s becoming more and more popular for students looking to study abroad without spending a lot of money to do so - the Czech Republic. Most students will choose to study in the capital, Prague, or a larger city like Brno. But, whatever you choose, you’ll be sure to have an enriching cultural experience at a very affordable price.

7. Spain

Spain is an excellent study abroad choice for students in a variety of different majors. Whether you’re studying Spanish, Catalan, art, history, architecture, fashion, business or even agriculture, Spain is the place to do it. With so many schools in a variety of different cities to choose from, like Madrid, Barcelona, Zaragoza, Seville, Grenada or Valencia, you can have the dream study abroad experience at a very good price.

8. Thailand

Thailand is certainly a backpacker’s or beach lover’s paradise, but believe it or not, it’s also where college students come to spend some time studying abroad. There are many great schools in the major cities like Bangkok and Chiang Mai, many of which will give you the qualifications you need to stay and work in the country if you choose. Thailand is one of the most affordable and best countries to study and work in, without having to sacrifice modern comforts.

9. Vietnam

Vietnam may not be as much of a popular choice for study abroad students, but it’s certainly becoming a more interesting country to foreigners from all walks of life. Because Vietnam is so diverse (for instance, the cities of Hanoi and Saigon couldn’t be any more different), study abroad students will never get bored here. And, with all that money you’ll be saving, you can get your education while taking weekend trips to get to know the country or other parts of Southeast Asia.

10. South Korea

Between South Korea and Japan, students looking to spend time studying in these incredibly fascinating countries may have a hard time deciding which one to pick. But, South Korea has grown globally in recent years, making it an attractive study abroad option to those who want an excellent education at a much cheaper price than Japan. And, you can catch a flight from Seoul to Tokyo easily during one of the many Korean national holidays.

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