Over half of all full-time United States MBA programs are seeing increasing numbers of applications, according to a 2013 report from the Graduate Management Admissions Council. Even so, some universities are not admitting more students. However, compared to the previous year, Yale’s School of Management projects that 40 more students will be enrolled for the MBA class of 2015.

You've Been Busy

Most applicants to the Yale MBA program must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited U.S. school or a comparable institution in another country. The degree doesn’t have to be in a specific field; the most common undergraduate fields for the the class of 2014 were the humanities and social sciences. Although you can apply with a scanned or faxed copy of your undergraduate transcript, you must submit a formal version after you're admitted. No minimum GPA is mandated. However, for the 2014 class, the average undergrad GPA is 3.55, and 80 percent fall between 3.18 and 3.87. You don’t need full-time work experience beyond college, but most successful applicants average 3 to 5 years of professional employment. Only a small number of students are accepted directly after completing their bachelor’s degrees.

College Facts and Stats about Yale University

Send Your Scores

You must submit your GRE or GMAT results, and they can't be over five years old. If you've taken the test more than once, all results are considered, but the final decision is based on the highest score. No minimum is required for admission, but the average GMAT score for the 2014 graduating class is 717, and most are between 660 and 760.

Put It All Online

Anyone hoping to gain admission to Yale’s MBA program must submit an online application. This can be Yale’s own application, or it can be through the Consortium, an organization seeking to increase the number of minorities working in management. In either case, you must also include essays, two professional letters of recommendation, school transcripts, test scores and the application fee. You have the option of including additional information that you believe is pertinent, but is not covered elsewhere on the application. This is commonly used to discuss grades, test scores or job changes. All successful applicants will be interviewed at some point during the process.

A Variation on the MBA

Yale offers another MBA program, and its process is slightly different. The MBA for Executives: Leadership in Healthcare is for professionals with at least seven years experience in mid-level or higher levels of management. They must submit written support from their current employers that ensures enough free time to complete the degree. Although GRE or GMAT scores are required, you can start the application process before taking the test. The online application and interview are also required.

Two for One

You may combine the Yale MBA with another graduate program to earn a joint degree. These are available in such areas as law, medicine and environmental studies. To be admitted, you must complete the full application process for both programs. Most students apply to both programs at the same time. However, some students start one program and apply to the other during their first or second year of study.

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