Many schools have Wacky Tacky Day during spirit week, but it can be hosted any time of year or to show school spirit for an upcoming game or sports playoff. The school may even hold a contest for the wackiest and tackiest outfit. Sometimes a winner from each grade level or entire school is chosen. Wacky Tacky Day is more often seen at the junior high and high school level, but it can also take place in elementary schools. Help your favorite "wacky" student stand out with some creative clothing choices.

Clashing Plaids

Purchase plaid pants or shorts and a plaid shirt, but make sure the colors of plaid clash as much as possible. Bright colors such as yellow and red are particularly glaring.

Step 1
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Socks are an inexpensive accessory that can help students look wacky without having to spend a bundle. Students can wear them on the outside of jeans or with a wildly patterned skirt. Buy socks that look like lace-up sneakers, or in plaid, polka dots or other silly patterns. Another option is to purchase a pair of knee-high white socks and decorate them with the school colors or small, fake jewels.

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Hats are another element for Wacky Tacky Day that can finish off an already wacky outfit. Purchase a bucket hat and glue different objects on it. The key is to choose a theme, like Polly Pockets, and add different types of candy or ribbons to personalize it. If your school is playing a team called the Hornets, you might want to purchase fly swatters to hang down from the hat. Use your imagination to make a wacky impression.

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Inside Out

When else would students get away with wearing their clothes inside out than on Wacky Tacky Day? Add a pair of colorful leggings or shorts over jeans. Turn a plaid shirt inside out and button it crooked. Then top it off by having your tacky student wear his or her shoes on the wrong feet or a pair of socks on their hands.

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