A middle school dance should include some games to create an environment in which the students can have fun and connect. Not everyone who attends a middle school dance will feel comfortable. Games provide a way for those students to be a part of the dance and to mingle. Games also help provide direction for the event; otherwise you may have a lot of middle-schoolers standing around.

Guess Who

Guess Who uses information not commonly known by students about their teachers. Students must match statements to teachers. Divide students into teams, based on the tables where they are sitting. Bring four teachers on stage and read a question such as, “Did you know this teacher received a 'D' when he/she was in seventh grade?” Have each group write down whom they think the statement is about. After about 10 statements, reveal the correct answers one by one, adding an element of suspense to the game. Award a prize to the group with the most correct questions.

Autograph Game

The Autograph Game is an excellent ice breaker. Prepare a sheet with 20 statements about activities that some of the students may have done, but most have not. For example, write statements such as, “has skipped school pretending to be sick,” “has never received anything lower than a B” and “transferred in from a different school.” The objective is to have the students find other students who have taken part in a particular activity. When a student is found, he autographs the line next to the statement. The first student to fill up her paper is the winner.

Musical Chairs

Talk with the DJ before the dance. Let her know that you’ve planned to play Musical Chairs. After the game is announced, have everyone take a chair and form two lines, with chairs back to back. Take one chair away. Instruct everyone else to stand up and wait for the music. When the music begins, everyone begins moving clockwise. Once the music stops, everyone has to find a chair to sit in. The person left standing is “out.” Remove another chair and start the music again. Play this game until two people remain to fight for the last seat.

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