It is a momentous step in a student's life when she graduates from high school and takes the leap into an adult world. Many times, graduating from high school means saying goodbye to your closest friends, as you venture off to different universities around the country. It is important to cherish your last moments together by having a graduation party filled with farewell games.

"I Never..."

"I Never..." is a game about high school memories that involves confessing to deeds you are guilty of doing. To play the game, players sit in a circle with a center full of party favors. Players take turns starting with the phrase "I never..." and finishing with a truth, such as "I never skipped Algebra to hang out at the coffee shop." The others in the group who are guilty of committing the act have to grab a party favor from the center of the circle. Keep each other honest. If you know that someone in the group is not confessing to a deed that you know he did, call him out in front of everyone. Be prepared for people to ask for details and stories of the things that certain students confess to.

Trivia Games

Trivia games are an entertaining way to see which students remember the most about their high school past. The trivia questions are designed by the party host or group leader, who comes up with obscure trivia questions, such as "What color shirt did Mrs. Johnson always used to wear on Fridays for Spanish class?" and "Which cheerleader did Trevor Wilson date?" Trivia games leave high schoolers with special memories before their final farewell.

Baby Picture Games

Baby picture games involve each student bringing an unmarked baby picture of herself to the group leader. The leader shuffles all the pictures up and displays them on a cork board. The pictures are labeled with numbers starting with one and continuing in order. Each player gets a piece of paper and a pen or pencil, and is instructed to write the identities of the babies are on her piece of paper. The papers are submitted to the game leader, who determines the winner of the game. Then the results are announced and the players can "ooh" and "awe" over how cute the baby pictures are.

Guess the Teacher

"Guess the Teacher" is a game that requires each player to guess which teacher's name is taped to his back. As students arrive at the farewell party, tape a piece of paper with a different teacher's name on it to each student's back. The players of the game ask other guests at the party for clues about which teacher it is so they can guess the teacher. Players are not allowed to give each other the answers, so they must carefully craft their questions to get the most information they can to make an educated guess. Question examples include "Do I have kids?" "Am I married?" or "Do I speak a foreign language?" The player who guesses his teacher correctly first wins the game.

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