School spirit can make the four-year journey through high school a lot more fun. Whether it is fueled by class president elections or the big football game against the cross-town rival, pep rallies and student class spirit activities are usually in abundance in the gymnasiums, auditoriums and hallways of high school. There are many ways to show school spirit and inspire it in others.

The Pep Rally Scavenger Hunt

The pep rally is the main stage for showing off school spirit. Students have pride in their school, and more specifically, in their particular class. The pep rally scavenger hunt involves cheerleaders with large posterboard signs laid face down in a pile. A representative cheerleader from each class will stand in front of her student section and hold up the posters with an instruction on it. The first class to finish all their instructions wins the spirit competition.

The instructions may include having three people with the same first name from one class run to the floor. They could include asking for someone with mismatched socks to come forward. The instructions could ask for a person with a tattoo on their left forearm. The possibilities are endless, but it should be something that only a few people would be able to do.

TP The Teachers

A class competition where student representatives from each grade wrap up the faculty like mummies using toilet paper can be a lot of fun. Teachers are paired up and stand back to back. The students begin with the first pair they choose and begin wrapping them in paper from head to toe. A judge will determine when they have been completely covered and give the class a point. They will tag classmates in the crowd to grab the next rolls and move on to another pair of teachers. The class who wraps the most teachers is the winner.

A reward can go to the winning class in such a competition. It should be something that the entire class can enjoy and not just the people who physically participated.

Theme Days

School spirit is always obvious when a school conducts theme days during a spirit week. A dress up schedule is announced in advance and students are allowed to violate dress code and dress crazy for the entire week assuming they are dressing according to the theme. Themes can include school colors, superhero day, pajama day, circus day and much more.

The Spirit Couch

The spirit couch is a large couch, preferably coordinated with school colors, that sits at the baseline of the basketball court. Each week a handful of students are chosen as having the best school spirit for something they did or accomplished. They are given couch passes that allow them to sit on the spirit couch at any game that week. They also get free concessions during the games. This will promote school spirit, at least among the sports fans.

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