Going to the prom is a once or twice chance of a lifetime for most high school juniors and seniors. People remember their prom experiences for many years. Unfortunately, proms can be expensive for kids and their families, as many schools do not have a budget for it. Sometimes, schools run certain fundraisers or sales to defray the cost of the prom, which lessens the financial burden on students. Following are some of the top ways of raising money for a high school prom.

Bake Sale

A popular way of raising money for a prom is through a bake sale. People love cake, baked goods, cookies and other goodies. Hold the bake sale at one of the school's sporting events, or just promote the bake sale through a letter to students and parents. Use the school sign out front to promote the bake sale. Hold it on a weekend. Set a reasonable price for the baked items, but promote the sale as a prom fundraiser, and let everyone know the purpose of the sale.

Selling Prom Photos

Another way of raising money for the prom is by selling photos that you take at the prom. Students want to remember their prom in a special way. Photos are great keepsake. Any student who dresses up for a prom and shares the experience with a special date will want to have photos from the night's big event.

Candy Sale

Use candy to raise money for many school functions. There are a number of companies that will sell candy wholesale for various fundraisers like the prom. Students can sell candy door to door, at the shopping center or mall or during athletic events. Their parents can take some of the candy to school and sell it to coworkers. Let everyone know the purpose of the candy sale.


Some schools raise money for their prom through sports tournaments. Any sport can host a tournament such as volleyball, softball, basketball or flag football. Have the teachers play against members of the varsity team or get some members from the local professional team to play the faculty. Make the event interesting and sell tickets and refreshments to raise money. Have a raffle at the tournament where the school keeps half the money.

Flower or Plant Sale

Many people plant flowers and plants in the spring, which is when school proms take place. The school can hold a flower and plant sale to raise money for its prom. Hold the sale at the school or even a flower shop. Determine the details on commissions from the flower shop in advance. Get the students involved in collecting the money and distributing the flowers and plants. Kids can help raise money for their prom and learn a little about running business at the same time.

Catalog or Online Sale

Students can sell items like candy, baked goods, electronics or books through a catalog or online. The school can create a catalog or website and sell items that are in high demand for the prom. The printing of the catalog and website design will take a little time, but the potential profits can definitely help pay for the prom and cover the promotional expenses.

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