The expression of thanks in writing is a time-honored tradition. It is appropriate to write a formal thank-you note to an organization when you have received a grant, scholarship or honor. Learning to craft a thoughtful and appropriate letter is essential in communicating your appreciation.

Writing a Thank-You Note

Choose a high-quality grade of paper for your typewritten expression. White or cream-colored stationery is appropriate for this endeavor.

Format your letter in business style with the date in the upper right corner, the organization’s address on the left two spaces down from the date and the salutation two spaces down on the left. Single-space your letter but double-space between paragraphs. Do not indent.

Address specifically the reason for your letter. For example, if you received a scholarship to help with educational expenses, reference this explicitly in your note.

Let the organization know how you will specifically utilize its gift, if applicable. For instance, if you received a monetary donation for your sports club, you could inform the organization the monies will be used to purchase needed equipment.

Praise the organization for its generosity in supporting you and others. If possible, give a specific example of how a past gift has impacted an individual or group.

Show appreciation in your letter not only for your own gift, but also for the gifts made to others--as well as the community support the organization provides. Be specific in your references.

Report on an upcoming individual or group event, especially if it will be impacted by the organization’s generosity. Or you could mention some personal news, such as if you are taking a particular class they have paid for, for example.

Sign your letter underneath your printed name to personalize the letter.


Be prompt with your written thank-you note.

Be enthusiastic in your tone.

Encourage others to express their thanks in their own individual letters if you are part of a group that received a gift or honor from the organization.


Check for errors in grammar and spelling before printing your final copy.

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