Scholarships, even small amounts, help you fund your education, and when a school or organization rewards you with this type of funding, you should always write a letter of appreciation. Your letter needs a professional and formal voice, typed, and written in a business letter format. As well, you will need to include certain elements in your letter. A well-written letter shows respect and confirms your appreciation for the organization’s award.

Date and Address

At the top left of your page, you will type the date of your letter. Allow two line spaces after the date and then type in the name of the person, company or organization who awarded you the scholarship. On the next line, state the name of the scholarship itself. On the following lines, complete the mailing address.

Place two spaces between the line with the city, state and zip code, and then you will give the salutation. If a person or family donated your scholarship funds, begin with “Dear Mr. Smith” or “Dear Smith Family,” using the family name and a formal address. If an organization or company gave you the award, begin your letter with “Dear” and then the name of the company or organization.


In the first paragraph of your letter, begin by offering your appreciation for the scholarship funds. You should restate the name of the scholarship and the amount awarded to you. This paragraph will often contain only one or two sentences.


A scholarship award shows an investment in your future, and your thank you letter should allow the donor to know more about your future plans. State specific goals and tell the donor how the scholarship will help you achieve these goals. You may also choose to tell the donors more about yourself. This may include volunteer projects, internships or other opportunities that relate to your future. Giving the donor an insight into your dedication and drive to learn and succeed shows the value of their investment.


In the final paragraph of your thank you letter, restate your gratefulness and express how the funds will help you achieve your goals. Once you complete the letter, place two line spaces and end your letter with a closing such as “sincerely” or “gratefully.” Place four line spaces between this ending and type your name. Add a blank line, and type in your address. Once you have completely proofread and edited your thank you letter, print the page and sign in the area just above your contact information.

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