Parent-teacher organizations and associations allow parents to find support from other parents, stay in touch with their child's school and become more involved with their child's education. PTAs and PTOs may find funding for activities from a variety of sources including private and government grants.

Grant Sources

Local businesses and organizations such as the chamber of commerce may offer funding for your PTO. Meet with business owners and managers to explore funding opportunities. An art gallery might offer money for art classes, and a construction company's CEO might give money for shop equipment. Look for government grants through your state, especially the department of education, and federal programs through, which lists a collection of government grants. Searching through the huge database using keywords such as "parent teacher organization" results in a list of opportunities. Select an organization that fits the type of funding your group wants and follow the specific directions.

Some Examples

A grant from the National Endowment for the Arts would be appropriate to add cultural activities, while one from the National Science Foundation could net you school laboratory equipment. Other educational institutions may offer assistance, as well. A college or university's grant director can give you some options. Some higher education institutions may list various grants available for educational groups on their websites, as well, such as the Alabama A&M and Auburn University's cooperative extension site or the site maintained by the University of Kentucky. If you secure a state or federal grant, continue to look for local assistance since some community organizations will provide matching.

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