A letterman jacket is an award for participation in an after-school activity. Though once associated strictly with sports, some schools have issued letterman jackets for a variety of school-related activities, such as debating and journalism. A letterman jacket consists of the school colors, the wearer's name and patches related to the wearer's school activities. Replacing a letterman jacket can be a challenge if the style of jacket is no longer used. Jackets from the early part of the 20th century are more sweater-like and less bulky than modern letterman jackets.

Contact the school that awarded your letterman jacket. Ask if they can refer you to the company that made the school's letterman jackets during the year you received yours. If the school has changed companies, you may need to wait for them to do some research.

Call the company that made the letterman jacket for your year. Ask if they would be able to make a replica of the jacket you wore. If the company that made your jacket is no longer in business or the information cannot be provided, call a few letterman jacket makers to inquire about having a letter jacket replicated. Several companies make letterman jackets, including Mount Olympus Awards (mountolympusawards.com) and Balfour (balfour.com).

Provide a picture of your letterman jacket if available. This picture will help the company create a replica, especially if the jacket style predates the current jacket style.

Select patches, the style of lettering and how you wish your name to read on the back of the jacket. The last name may be written in cursive or block lettering.

Place your order. Pay any fees required.

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