Many high schools require seniors to complete a project as part of the graduation process. Schools differ vastly in what these projects might be -- some are creative projects, some are a major paper, and some might be a community service project. Many schools that have senior projects allow students to design their own, following a specific set of criteria. If you want to go outside the norm for your project, there are many ways you can do this.

Creative Community Projects

Weird can also mean creative, and you can find something to do in the community that is unique but also beneficial. If your school allows or requires you to do a community service project for your senior year, you can do something a little more different than building a gazebo or working at a food pantry. Make a weird sculpture out of a broken-down car or a garbage-filled area to brighten up your town. Or put on a strange and weird play with children at your community center.

Weird Research Papers

If your school lets you do research papers for your senior project, consider some weird topics you can write about. These might be more interesting to you than the standard themes, such as the Titanic or the French Revolution. Weird topics could include the invention of bubble gum or a weird historical figure, such as Rasputin or the man who made the World's Biggest Ball of Twine.

Weird Travel Ideas

There are lots of weird places around the country that you can travel to. You probably don't have to go far to find the “World's Biggest” or “World's Smallest” something, no matter what state you live in. Do some research on something weird near you and, if you are able, travel to that weird place and document it. If your school allows this type of research and presentation, you can take a trip, document it and present it as your senior project.

Weird Inventions

If an invention is a possibility for your senior project, there are plenty that will probably be considered weird. Try building a robot that will do oddball things, such as stand on its head or mimic the movements of a rabbit. Make a Rube Goldberg machine using household objects to perform a variety of tasks indefinitely. Or do an experiment where you use something for a purpose it wasn't originally intended for, such as rewiring a VCR to turn off your lights.

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