Deciding what to do for your International Baccalaureate (IB) personal project can pose a challenge because there are so few guidelines on what topic to choose. However, you can also look at the lack of topic direction as an opportunity to explore a subject that interests you in great depth. Take inspiration for your IB personal project from pastimes you pursue in your free time, such as creative activities, sports or other physical activities, or scientific hobbies.

Business Project

Start a small business for your IB personal project as a way to demonstrate creativity, math skills and an enterprising attitude. Choose a business that utilizes a skill or resource you already have, like an overabundance of fresh flowers in your garden or your ability to knit hats. Produce a business plan that will be included in your project portfolio. Set a realistic business goal for the time span you have available for your project, such as selling a certain number of widgets or make a certain dollar amount in profit. Try to hit it. Write a report that explains whether you did or didn't meet your goal and analyzes why.

Community Project

Initiate and organize a project that will benefit your community, one that shows community spirit, organization and leadership skills. Identify a need -- a gap in existing resources or a feature that would enhance life in your area -- and organize a project to meet that need or provide that enhancement. For example, you could lead a food drive; create a used-clothing center at your school for kids in poverty; hold a day to clean up an abandoned lot; or paint a mural on an unsightly wall in the playground. Document your project in words and photos.

Writing Project

Flex your literary muscles with an IB personal project based around writing. The exact project you tackle can vary widely depending on your passions. For example, you could produce one issue of a mock sports magazine focused on sports at your school; write a short story inspired by a historical event; pen an autobiography; or research and write a report on a person -- past or present -- who inspires you.

Scientific Project

Design and carry out a scientific project for your IB personal project if you enjoy learning about science. For example, you could write a report about a historical scientific discovery like the development of the smallpox vaccine; create an educational display (to be displayed in a case in your school hallway, perhaps) about the rocks and minerals found in your region; or design and carry out an experiment about how plants grow in different conditions (such as with extra light or no light).

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