A diorama is a miniature reproduction of a scene. It could be a scene from a book, a movie or even history. A lot of students make dioramas as part of a school project that is assigned to them. Some people make dioramas as a hobby because they enjoy making them. Battle scene dioramas are some of the most exciting dioramas to make.

Research battles at your local library. Mark down the specific battle scenes that call your attention.

Pick the battle scene you want to reproduce in a diorama. Your battle scene doesn't have to be a specific moment; it can be an amalgamation of different scenes during the same battle. An example would be a diorama of the battle of Iwo Jima during World War II that included both the raising of the U.S. flag and some fighting scenes.

Choose what you'll make your diorama in. A lot of people make their dioramas in shoe boxes. Other objects could be used, however, such as fish tanks and even custom-made backgrounds.

Make the background setting for your battle scene diorama. If you are making a diorama of Iwo Jima, have a hill at the center of your shoe box to represent Mt. Suribachi. The hill can be made of clay. Glue sand to the bottom of the hill to represent the beach. Use paints to depict the water from the beach. Paint the bottom back side of the box blue to represent the sky and glue cotton balls to represent clouds. Be as simple or as detailed as you want.

Add props. Use jacks to represent the underwater obstacles that the Japanese used as beach fortifications.

Add miniatures. Place miniature boats near the beach to represent the landing vehicles that brought the U.S. Marines to the beaches. Use plastic Army men to represent the Marines and Japanese soldiers. Paint your miniatures for added detail.

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