Achieving a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree gives you an opportunity to gain employment in a wide variety of job sectors. An MBA degree is well regarded and will prepare you with extensive training to pursue successful careers in many advanced employment positions.

MBA Job Market

The job market for an MBA graduate is very much international in scope. Traditionally, the largest employers of MBAs are in the financial and consultancy sectors. An MBA is one of the most coveted postgraduate degrees for business professionals, offering advantages in these ultra-tough and competitive environments. Often MBA graduates attain managerial positions as a result of their academic coursework, giving them an edge over students with only an undergraduate degree in business.

MBA Employment Skills

An MBA degree gives you a variety of skills that will give you a solid base to succeed in the business industry. Importantly, your MBA degree offers you resources to an alumni group that will prove important and valuable as business contacts throughout your career. The master's degree will also give you in-depth analytical skills on how to assess key situations, such as working as a team member in group projects. MBA coursework involves business strategies and concepts. The training and internship required in an MBA course teach students how to transfer these skills to day-to-day business operations.

Marketing, Sales, Advertising and Finance

The marketing, sales and advertising sectors are three areas of employment an MBA graduate could consider. MBA programs equip students with the theoretical knowledge needed and practical marketing skills for careers in marketing, sales and advertising. An MBA degree gives you a comprehensive understanding of the role of marketing management in consumer, industrial markets and service industries. The financial sector is also one which many MBA graduates choose to enter. Quick thinking, high energy levels and patience dealing with clients make an MBA graduate an ideal candidate to succeed in the finance sector. The money management skills you have learned will stand you in good stead as will the in-depth knowledge of the industry.

Government, Health Care and Education

Governmental positions are another area in which MBA students succeed. Many graduates with an MBA thrive in this area because of the "team player" skills developed in their training programs. Other types of employment include management positions in the health care industry and education. Managerial positions could benefit from your leadership skills acquired in an MBA program, from running a hospital or a chain of health care facilities to administering a private university's foundation.

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