A university typically awards a business administration degree after a four-year course of study focusing on areas such as accounting, statistics, management, information systems, finance, human resources, marketing and risk management. Business administration graduates possess the skills for many jobs and enjoy other benefits that will advance their careers over the long run.

Job Versatility

Earning your business administration degree will give you the skills for wide variety of career paths. These can include jobs in finance, management, insurance, sales, manufacturing, publishing, teaching, consulting, administration, public relations, banking or marketing. You will also be equipped to start a business of your own and run it profitably. Having knowledge in so many areas helps ensure you won't become bored in any one position.

Job Security

Since a business administration degree is so well-rounded and thorough, it can give you higher degree of job security. You will be well-versed in many different business situations and conditions and will have an easier time acclimating to new surroundings. You will be proficient in a number of roles and more valuable to an employer.


A degree in business administration carries with it a good deal of respect. Your knowledge in many different areas of business will cause people to gravitate toward you seeking advice. You will be viewed as an expert in business.

Career Advancement

A business administration degree will give you the secondary skills necessary to compete for promotions when they become available. You will have a more thorough understanding of how a business works and all of the elements involved in running a successful business. This will make your resume more complete and enable you to advance faster.

Entrepreneurial Potential

Your business administration degree will give you the knowledge necessary to create a business of your own if you aren't interested in working for someone else. You will possess skills in areas of business creation like accounting, management and sales that will set you apart from other entrepreneurs.

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