A PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) involves hard work, rigorous critical thinking skills and a lot of invested time, money and research. However, you receive many benefits and rewards for having a doctorate degree, whether it is for personal satisfaction, social status, employment or for the sake of education and knowledge itself.

Career Aspects

With a PhD degree, you may have more career choices. At the same time, you can gain a higher salary and position within the company compared to candidates who do not have the same educational level as you. Furthermore, your expertise in the field also gives you the opportunity to acquire teaching positions at a college or university.

Professional Networks

Going through years of study for a PhD degree also means that you will have built up a reliable and diverse set of professional networks. You will have worked with renowned experts and scholars in the field and will have made important contacts during conferences, all of whom can serve as excellent career references for any job positions.

Prestige and Recognition

A PhD degree generally commands prestige and recognition anywhere you go. You can take pride in your hard work and achievements because doctorate degrees are difficult to obtain and are recognized and appreciated at all levels of society. In fact, you can become part of a well-educated group of individuals in the upper middle class, a fact that affects your lifestyle as well as your income.


Finally, a PhD also means that you have a lot of knowledge and information about your field. Your knowledge is not only theoretical, but also of practical use, and you can share it with others for problem-solving. You are an expert and specialist in your area of study, and your educated opinion will be highly valued among friends, colleagues and even the media.

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