A master’s degree is helpful to those who wish to advance their careers. Although there is no restriction on the number of such degrees you can earn, most people shy away from getting more than one because of the hard work and expense it involves. However, in many instances, having two master’s degrees can prove advantageous.

Higher Education

Students with two master’s degrees have a greater choice when it comes to higher education. Entrance into Ph.D. programs is competitive, with few applicants being selected from the hundreds who apply. If your master’s degrees are in related fields, you will appear a better candidate since research work may involve overlapping of these areas. For example, if you have master’s degrees in criminology and psychology, you stand better chances of selection into a doctoral program that focuses its research work on the psychology of crime.

Favorable Impression

Not everyone has the inclination or the resources to take advanced courses of study. The fact that you have spent time and effort over the two degrees is considered proof of high academic caliber. This factor will serve to influence decisions on selection in your favor, especially in academics. Universities and colleges recruit faculty members with high academic accomplishments, who can serve as role models to their students. Even in organizational settings, having two master’s degrees reinforces your image as an industrious person.

Greater Job Opportunities

Specialization in two fields opens up greater job opportunities. When you have two master’s degrees in entirely different areas, you can apply to positions in either of the two fields, giving you a better chance at landing a job. Students who pair a master’s degree in business administration with a master’s degree in science find it easy to gain employment in hospital administration. In the teaching profession, many of the smaller community colleges prefer to recruit faculty who can teach more than one discipline. This is particularly true in cases where only a few sections of a certain subject, such as geography or anthropology, need to be taught each term. In such situations, colleges prefer to recruit someone who is additionally qualified in this subject because hiring a specialist for those few hours does not make economic sense.

Greater Economic Gains

The fact that you have a dual qualification provides you greater leverage when you negotiate your salary terms. Besides, it can also put you on the fast track to promotions and advancements with a better pay package. This is equally true if you run your own business, where you can cut your expenses on hiring someone else if you can't handle the responsibility yourself. For example, if you have a master’s degree in education and run a tutorial agency, a master’s in business administration will help you effectively manage the administrative aspects of your enterprise.

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