Among the advanced professional degrees students can choose to pursue is a Master of Business Administration (MBA). These degrees are designed for individuals who want to learn how to organize and lead businesses. However, their utility is not limited to the business world. Those in the field of education can also benefit from holding an MBA.

Academic Consulting

Individuals who choose to pursue MBAs have a certain degree of freedom in choosing their course work and the focus of their degree. In addition to the basic principles of leadership and organization, MBA students can choose to take classes in mathematics and quantitative analysis. These classes equip graduates with the knowledge-based tools to perform consulting duties for a number of organizations, including schools and school districts. Consequently, an MBA with a focus in quantitative analysis can prepare a graduate to perform consulting work for educational institutions.


Those who go into teaching, at either the primary and secondary or postsecondary levels, essentially can choose between two career paths. One career path is that of the educator, in which the teacher grows in the area of working with and directly educating students. The other career path is to seek opportunities in administration, such as principal or assistant principal positions. Because of the managerial skills MBA programs teach, educators with an MBA have a better resume for getting these administrative jobs, and the skills to excel at them.


Teachers are supposed to be highly qualified in their respective fields. While the thought of education brings to mind traditional topics such as math, science and social studies, educational establishments also offer courses in business-related subjects. Earning an MBA can make a graduate qualified enough to teach these courses. Graduates can use this path as either a primary career, teaching business at business schools or colleges, or as a part-time job for additional income or personal fulfillment.


An MBA is a broad degree that prepares you for a number of administrative jobs in both the public and private sector. Possessing one gives you the advantage of being professionally mobile, able to work in a number of fields at a number of companies. While many are drawn to teaching, the field can also be a difficult one. Many teachers leave the field for a number of reasons. Possessing an MBA can give educators a "Plan B" if they decide to leave the field.

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