It's probably one of the happiest news bulletins you'll ever receive: you've been accepted to graduate school. Once your heart stops pounding and your hands stop shaking, you'll have to proceed to the next step, which is letting the school know that you will accept the invitation. You might have to write and send a letter by standard mail, or you might be allowed to send an email. Either way, you will want to respond as quickly as possible to secure your spot and prepare for this exciting chapter in your life.

Make Your Intention Clear

Open your block-style letter with an acknowledgement of the graduate school's invitation, and reference the date of its letter. Then state your response, and don't be afraid to express your enthusiasm. For example, you might say, “I am delighted to accept your invitation to begin graduate studies at this university.”

Address Pertinent Issues

You letter should update the graduate school on your status as a professional courtesy. Include your Social Security number or a student identification number, if you've been given one. Adopt a formal, businesslike tone and state that you have applied for admission to the school, and specify your program of study and the term you wish to begin. Devote the rest of your letter to any forthcoming issues regarding your admission. For example, if the graduate school has invited you to an open house or has requested that you make an appointment with a graduate adviser, address these issues in bullet-point form. Close your letter with a sincere thank you and point forward to the future. For example, you might say that you “look forward to becoming part of the university community and making meaningful contributions to its scholarly endeavors.”

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