After filing an application for financial aid with the University of Phoenix, it's important that you stay current on the status of your application, as often, further information is needed. If this is the case, by checking the status of your application you can see immediately what additional information you may need to supply. The University of Phoenix has a web page specifically dedicated to the purpose of checking your financial aid.

Visit the University of Phoenix Financial Aid web page (see Resources).

Type the user name and password you created when you applied for entry to the University of Phoenix in the “User Login” portion of the page. If you cannot remember your user name or password, click on the “Username/Password Help” link and follow the directions to reset your login information.

Click the “Login” button to log in to the University of Phoenix Financial Aid website. Once it has loaded completely, click on the “View Financial Aid” link to check the status of your financial aid.


If you need help with this process or if you would rather talk to a student services representative, call (866) 766-0766.

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