Kaplan University, which is now known as Purdue University Global, was one of the leading for-profit universities. The school is known for having mostly distance learning programs, offering 180 programs to choose from. These are catered to students who are not able to attend a physical school full-time. It's a great solution for students who need more flexibility with their schedule, either because they need to work, they have a family, or they merely feel as though they learn better online.

If you've graduated from Kaplan, then first of all, congratulations! Now, it's likely that you will want to get your transcripts so that you can apply for a job or continue the next phase of schooling. Luckily, getting your Kaplan University transcripts is a lot easier than all those tests you had to take!


To get your transcripts from Kaplan University, you must visit the webpage of the Office of the Registrar for more information. There are different options to request transcripts depending on your status.

Check Kaplan University's Registrar's Page

Usually, if you want to get your transcripts at any university, you must contact the registrar's office. This is no different than at Kaplan University. To get your Kaplan University transcripts, you must visit the Purdue University Global Office of the Registrar's webpage, formerly the Kaplan University Registrar page. You can get to this page by a quick Google search or via a search on the website's homepage. This page will give you more specific information about how you can get your Kaplan University transcripts. For instance, some alumni may be able to pick them up directly, while others can just do it online.

Know Your Kaplan University Login

The first step in getting your transcripts is to answer some basic information about yourself. According to the Kaplan University's Registrar Office page, if you're currently a student attending the Purdue West Lafayette Campus or a Polytechnic Statewide Location, then you can simply request your transcripts on "myPurdue" under the Academic tab. For this, you'll need to know your Kaplan University login information, or rather, your Purdue University Global login information.

If you're a current student or alumni of Purdue Global, which is the former Kaplan University, then you can send an email to registrar@purdueglobal.edu, requesting your transcripts.

If you don't fall into one of these descriptions, and you're instead an alumnus from 1968 to present that attended either a Polytechnic Statewide Location, West Lafayette, Fort Wayne, Calumet or North Central, then you can use the website's Transcript Request System to order your transcripts. You'll have to register a new Kaplan University login account in order to do this. If you're still having difficulties, then you can send an email to transcripts@purdue.edu explaining your situation.

Things to Keep in Mind

It's always important to have copies of your transcripts available, but most jobs or education facilities that ask for your transcripts want an original copy. Many universities typically charge to order your transcripts, but Kaplan does not. However, you're limited to 10 transcripts per request and 50 transcripts per term, though this should be more than enough. It can take one to three business days for you to receive your transcript.

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