You applied to the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), and have yet to hear back whether you've been accepted or declined admittance. UCLA was founded in 1919 and was listed 11 on the London's Times Higher Education rankings (2010-2011). It is a public research university, but is well known for its music, theater, architecture and design public programs. Finding out if you've been accepted as a transfer, undergraduate or graduate student is simple with computer access.

Undergraduate Application

Visit the Admission Decisions page at the University of California's website.

College Facts and Stats about University of California-Los Angeles

Enter the required information. You will need to supply you last name, your application ID (the 7-digit number found on your application receipt/summary email), your birth date and city where you were born. Click the "Login" button.

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Read your application status.

Graduate Application

Visit the Online Application Login page at the UCLA Graduate Division website.

Type your email address in the box where directed.

Press the "Continue" button. You will be redirected to a page with your application information and status.

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