It's been years or possibly decades since you saw your friends from high school. If you have been selected to give a speech in front of your former classmates, you might have those same fears from the first time you gave a speech in school. You can feel your stomach start to turn and your knees wobble. Choosing a subject you are comfortable with can help you relax and put those reactions aside.

Class Accomplishments

Choose a representative for the class to give an introductory speech for the class reunion. In that speech he should mention any major accomplishments by classmates. These can range from athletes that have succeeded in major league sports to those that are respected as experts in their fields of business. Other classmates to point out could be groups such as those serving in the military or the government to help the country.

How The World Has Changed

Give a speech about how things have changed since you were in high school. Mention various types of technology that have changed how you complete tasks today and laugh at all the work you had to put into those tasks in the past. Recall some of the world's political and social issues back when your class was in school and how they have changed over the years since graduation.

Teachers That Influenced Your Life

While attending school, you may not have recognized or valued all the information that your teachers provided. Now that you have been out of high school for a period of time, the value of the information the teachers provided is now realized. Give a speech about one or two of your favorite teachers from high school and how his teachings have helped you succeed in your current career choice.

Remember The Fallen

Not everyone can attend a class reunion. Some former students may live too far away or have schedules that don't allow them to attend. Others though, may have passed away since the last class reunion. A speech does not have to be given for each student, and they all don't have to be singled out by name. A short speech sharing some memories about some of those classmates and asking everyone to keep them in their hearts is sufficient. Include in the program a list of those which you are referring to in case the list is too long to read.

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