Acknowledgment speeches are commonly given at occasions of celebration, award ceremonies and inaugurations. While their purposes are wide ranging, its orators typically seek to recognize the best attributes of the persons or entities being acknowledged. These speeches can be used during formal occasions or simple toasts. Regardless of the size of venue or audience, there are a few simple ways to approach such a speech.

Identify the purpose of the event. This allows you to narrow down your approach and include key aspects of the subject that's to be acknowledged, even if it is for an award you've won.

Know your subject. It's virtually impossible for a heart-felt speech to be delivered without at least a basic understanding of the characteristics for which it is being acknowledged.

Know your audience. Each group could have a general demographic that a speech can be tailored around.

Know your time. Have a general idea of how long your speech should be so to not inconvenience the audience or delay the event.

Identify the top attributes or people you want to acknowledge. Start with the most important first. If you're accepting an award, be sure to acknowledge others before mentioning yourself.

Thank the organization or host of the event.

Summarize your sentiments or those of a larger group in your own words. Don't plagiarize and avoid cliches. Parroting famous phrases or quotes is frowned upon.

End the speech by recognizing the overarching principle of the event or the person/subject being acknowledged. Turn specific points into a general theme.

End the speech by saying "thank you."

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