One of the best things about being in third grade is that you get to create an invention. In many schools throughout the United States, third-graders will be required to present in a science fair or an invention convention, in which they'll have to come up with an idea. While the thought of making an invention is rather exciting, it can be difficult to come up with reliable invention ideas for a school project, without already having some suggestions at your disposal. Luckily, there are many resources out there that offer plenty of third-grade invention ideas which can be done for school or even at home.

Finding Third-Grade Invention Ideas

Hands-on activities, like creating inventions, are a great learning experience for children of all ages. As fun as this can be, even parents may be stumped when it comes time to think of invention ideas for school projects like these. By heading to the library or checking out websites like YouTube or Pinterest, teachers and parents will have an easier time finding simple invention ideas for students and children. You can also pose a question to children by asking them,"What's a problem that needs to be fixed?" in order to spark their creativity.

A Mailbox Alert System

These days, kids are always waiting for something exciting to come in the mail, whether it be a letter from grandma or a small package from Amazon. Most children who are expecting something to arrive will stare out the window all day waiting for it. Adults, on the other hand, may not always feel like walking out to the mailbox (especially in the snow) if there's nothing worthwhile inside. This invention convention idea involves students creating a sensor that they could put inside a mailbox, which would alert you with a small alarm when the mail has arrived. Bonus points if you can connect it to an app!

Easy Recycling Tubes

Even third graders can understand the importance of recycling. However, recycling can be an inconvenience for some people who are used to certain habits. This is a simple invention idea that requires students to take PVC pipes (or any other type of tubes) and connect them to pails or boxes to form slides. One can be for compost, one for paper, one for plastic and one for trash. You can have your classmates decorate them and label them.

A Wallet for the Visually Impaired or Blind

A simple task like taking money out of your wallet and putting it back in can be very difficult for the blind and visually impaired. A great option for your child's third-grade invention idea is to design a wallet specifically for this demographic. The wallet can be made from eco-friendly materials. There should be several pockets for different bills, each labeled with braille. For example, there would be one section for $1 bills, one for $5 bills, one for $20 and so on, each labeled as such. The same would go for coin pockets built into the wallet. This is a simple convention idea that really can make a difference.

A Mood Headband

Mood rings and mood necklaces are really fun to have. But instead of buying a piece of mood jewelry at the store, students can make a mood headband (or bracelet) as a unique invention convention idea. To do this, you can buy liquefied thermotropic crystals which are the ingredient found in mood jewelry. Buy a bare hollow headband at the craft store, and insert the crystals inside. Be sure to ask an adult for help and make sure the crystals are non-toxic.

A Toothpaste "Pump"

There's nothing more frustrating than when you get to the bottom of the toothpaste tube. Therefore, a simple invention idea for students in third-grade is to build a toothpaste pump. This should be some type of clip with panels on both sides, that can squeeze tightly around the toothpaste tube. Using this, you can push the remaining toothpaste out from the tube while ensuring not even a bit of it goes to waste.

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