Fire Prevention Week is the first week of October, and preschool teachers around the country look for new ways to use this time to educate their students on fire safety through arts and crafts. One way is to have the students make their own fireman's hats to wear proudly at school and home with this project from the Texas State Library website.


Purchase red and yellow construction paper, glue and markers or a stamp and stencil.

Find a pattern online at a site such as or the Texas State Library website or in an activities book. Print off enough copies for each student to have a pattern if they are old enough to cut for themselves.

Arrange all items on the table where you plan on completing the activity.


Ask the students to cut out the pattern of the hat. Place this pattern over the red sheet of paper and cut around the edges, including the part in the middle that will fold upward and fit around the child's head. This will make a red hat; reverse the colors to make a yellow hat.

Have the students cut out a yellow star or badge shape; use a stamp of a badge if it is available on the yellow piece of paper that has been cut. Glue this to the raised flap.

Place the finished product on the child's head. If the opening is too small, cut to make wider; if too big, use tape to make it smaller.


Use red foam if you can find it; it makes a sturdier fireman's hat.

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