The key to any successful campaign is to get your message out to the masses and to reach as many people as possible. On a high school campus, this is a difficult task, especially on a large high school campus. Hand-outs are a terrific attention getter. Whether passing out stickers, buttons, temporary tattoos or silicone bracelets, it is important to every campaign to popularize the candidate and familiarize everyone with his name.

Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos are a fun and easy way to get a campaign message across to large groups of students. They are inexpensive and easy to acquire from a wide variety of online vendors. Many vendors will allow you to design your own tattoos and submit the design electronically while others have a wide selection of pre-designed choices. The price of 250 temporary tattoos will range from $20 and $40 dollars, depending on whether you use a pre-designed choice or a design of your own.


One of the most common icons of a campaign is the old-fashioned button. Buttons are still a great way to get a campaign message across on a limited budget. It's like putting up a poster or billboard, but the advantage is that the message will reach more people by virtue of the fact that the buttons are being worn all over the school. They are simple to make. There are many types of button makers which you can find online or at local hobby shops. Additionally, hobby shops carry a wide range of snap together buttons. Simply print the campaign message out on laser paper, cut to fit inside the plastic button form and snap the back onto the button.

Silcone Bracelets

Over the past several years, colorful silicone bracelets have become popular especially amongst high school-age students. These colorful bracelets bear messages of all sorts and are a terrific match for those seeking a creative way to get a campaign message across. They are inexpensive and range in price from 9 to 15 cents per bracelet. Most vendors provide very fast production and delivery. They come is a large selection of solid and variegated colors which are either embossed or printed with a custom message.


Stickers are fun and a great way to get a campaign message out to the student body. There are many options for customized stickers including using custom vendors or customizing stickers by printing them on a laser paper. The advantage of using laser printer sticker materials is that you can produce more than one sticker design while using a large variety of colors. When ordering them online, you are often limited by cost and color choices as most vendors charge by the number of colors being used.

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