Mason jars are extremely versatile and can be used for a variety of arts of crafts. This Christmas, get crafty with your little one by creating unique Christmas-theme crafts to display around the holidays. With a few simple supplies and a little creativity, you and your child will be crafting in no time!

Snow Globe

Your kiddo will love creating her own unique and personalized snow globe. An adult can hot glue a plastic figurine or ornament on the underside of the jar lid, so that it will be standing upright in the jar when placed upside down. Once the glue has thoroughly dried, your tot can fill the jar with water and add glitter for snow. You can float bits of tinsel and other plastic pieces in the snow globe as well.

Your tot can make unique presents for Grandma and Grandpa by making a cookie recipe in a mason jar. Layer in the dry ingredients for your kiddo's favorite cookies in a neat fashion, then simply write the recipe on a piece of card stock and attach to the jar. The recipient will only need to add wet ingredients such as oil, water or egg to complete the cookies. Your kiddo can paint the jars or decorate with wrapping paper and ribbon for a quick and easy homemade gift.

Tree Ornaments

Gather up several lids from mason jars to make ornaments. Help your kiddo paint the lids white with non-toxic paint; after they are dry, she can paint an orange nose and black eyes on the lid. Glue ribbon around the ring of the lid and hang on the Christmas tree. Make a Christmas tree by painting 6 lids green and gluing them on construction paper in a tree formation (3 lids on the bottom, 2 in the middle, 1 on the top). Your tyke can decorate each lid with glitter, buttons, ribbons or other craft supplies to simulate tree ornaments. Be sure to supervise any activities with small choking hazards, such as buttons. Cut the design off a Christmas card, or even old family photos, and glue on the lid of a mason jar. String a ribbon or piece of garland around the jar to create a hanger and place on the tree.


Have your tot help create festive decorations out of mason jars. Make a pretty center piece by filling a jar with water and floating cranberries on top of the water. Add a pine tree sprig or other greenery, and place a floating candle on top of the cranberries for a pretty decoration. Your tot will “ooh” and “ahh” over a mini Christmas tree in a jar. Simply fill a mason jar with a short string of Christmas lights, flip upside down and string the tail of the lights to a plug-in to make an easy, light up table decoration. If you have a string of battery powered lights, the entire string can go in the jar and the lid can be replaced on top.

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