There are several excellent history programs offered at Texas universities. History is a broad major and as an undergraduate student, you will not need to specialize too much. Most schools do ask you to choose an area of emphasis however, so look into each school's history program to see if courses are offered in your area of interest. Taking courses focused on a particular subject area can also help prepare students looking to pursue a graduate degree in history.

University of Texas

The University of Texas has several locations, but the Austin campus has one of the best history programs in the state according to "U.S. News and World Report," which ranked the school as the 17th best history program in the nation. Students are required to complete coursework in U.S. history, European history and regional history (African, Asian, Latin American or Middle Eastern), as well as several history courses of the student's choice. The Normandy Scholars program offers the opportunity to study World War II for a semester and includes a three week tour of Europe at the end of the class. Students must have a 3.5 GPA, submit an essay and provide letters of recommendation to be accepted, and the Normandy Scholars program also costs extra. Tuition at the University of Texas is $8,520 for Texas residents and $28,654 for non-residents as of 2011.

Rice University

Rice University, located in Houston, has another excellent history department. "U.S. News and World Report" ranked Rice University as the 33rd best history program in the country. Students are expected to take courses in four different fields: pre-modern history, European history, United States history and regional history (Asia, Latin America or Africa). Taking a foreign language is not required, but it is especially encouraged for students who wish to continue on to graduate school. The cost of tuition, as of 2011, at Rice University is $33,120 for all students.

Texas State University

Texas State University's San Marcos campus offers a history undergraduate program through the College of Liberal Arts. Students have the option of earning a teaching certification with their bachelor of arts in history through the university. The history program requires students to complete advanced coursework in United States history and non-U.S. history. As of 2011, Texas State University charges $191 per credit hour in tuition for in-state students and $501 for out of state students.

Baylor University

Waco, Texas, is the home of Baylor University. Students at Baylor University take courses in regional history (African, Asian, Latin American or Middle Eastern), European history and American history. The Robert Reid World History Center is a research facility that helps enhance the history degree program. Other research opportunities are through The Institute for Oral History, The Texas Collection and the J.M. Dawson Institute for Church-State Studies. Besides federal and state aid, Baylor offers several history scholarships to qualified students. Students pay $26,966 for tuition per academic year of study as of 2011.

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