Greek Mythology teaches the gods, heroes, the nature of the ancient world, and the ritual practices of the ancient Greeks. Colleges in the UK offer this degree far more commonly than American institutes do, and studying abroad offers students a chance to view the ruins of the civilization they are studying. By knowing some of the colleges that offer this rare degree program you can begin to narrow down your school choices and take flight like Icarus towards your academic goals.

University of Texas San Antonio

The University of Texas at San Antonio offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in Classical Studies and Humanities. As a degree rooted purely in Greek Mythology is hard to come by in America, University of Texas offers the next best thing--an interdisciplinary degree that concentrates in the history of the humanities with an emphasis on the art, culture and myths of ancient Greece and Rome. The optional Classical Studies emphasis can be declared by students who will enjoy courses like Classical Mythology, Classical Myths and Literature and many more classes rooted in antiquity that lead to the BA degree. (reference 1)

University of Liverpool

If you are taking out a Federal loan, FAFSA recognizes University of Liverpool and supports students who wish to pursue their BA in classical studies. This degree program focuses on the cultures and societies of Ancient Greece and Rome giving students the opportunity to study literature and art from the era. Students will also engage in history and have the option to study Greek or Latin from beginner to advanced levels. (reference 2) With Roman architectural ruins scattered across England, University of Liverpool provides an exceptional degree in a geographical area where students can discover remnants from the past in hands-on learning.

University College Dublin

If you want to study in Ireland and work during the day while earning a BA in classics at night, University College Dublin may be your best choice. This degree focuses on visual representations of the era that includes artwork on vases, metalwork and architecture and sculpture. It also includes a survey of major themes like gods and heroes, the Trojan War and Dionysian imagery. Ancient poetry is also taught alongside classical politics and iconographical history. Students benefit from the course’s small tutorial groups and the ability to study objects at the local Classical Museum. (reference 3)

Seton Hall University

For students who want to study in America, Seton Hall University in New Jersey offers a BA in Classical Studies that focuses on ancient Greek and Roman myths, art, literature, politics and explores the social and cultural aspects of the era. Students also benefit from a thorough study of Greek or Latin writers in the original languages and work with English translations that spring from the Greco-Roman period ranging from the third Millennium B.C. to the Middle Ages. (reference 4)

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