Many teachers use a variety of methods to test vocabulary. The methods can apply for all age groups and levels from third grade to college. Vocabulary testing can also be used in a wide area of subjects, not only in Language Arts classes. Teacher Edition textbooks often offer supplemental material for further vocabulary development and testing; however, teachers can provide vocabulary testing on any type of material. Students learn in different ways and can show their knowledge through a test that meets their needs.

Use a current reading assignment to create a fill in the blank worksheet with passages from the reading. Allow students to use a word bank to complete the task.

Use the same reading from Step 1 with the vocabulary words already filled in the blanks. Have students use the context clues from the sentences to write the definition of the word.

Test students using words connected to a certain theme. For example, give students multiple-choice terms from the drama/Shakespearean chapter, but do not include words from Poe/modern short story section. Give students words from the same chapter, especially in the science-related classes.

Test vocabulary by having students identify prefixes, suffixes, and root words. Allow students the chance to figure out words through identifying word parts.

Create a worksheet in which the vocabulary words are used incorrectly in sentences. Have students correct the mistakes and change the wrong words to the correct words.

Create pictures for science-related vocabulary and have students label them. Create a worksheet that will allow students to categorize words that belong together, which also works well for science-related vocabulary.

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