A standard part of elementary school curricula, spelling helps expand the vocabularies of young students. Teachers assess the spelling skills of their pupils in a variety of ways, including written tests. These tests take a range of formats including bubble tests. A bubble test allows students to select correct answers from multiple options. Bubble tests also make it easier for teachers to check answers quickly, with the added benefit of being compatible with automated machines, which scan and grade tests electronically.

Step 1

Create your list of test words based on the curriculum requirements for your class. Type the words into the bubble test format, so that there's one word per question.

Step 2

Choose the format for your test questions. The bubble format allows you to create a variety of multiple choice tests. One way to use this format is to have multiple spellings of a word, and then have the students bubble in the version of the word that's correct. Another way to use this format is to provide one spelling of the word and then have the students bubble in whether it's "True" or "False" that the word is spelled correctly, using "A" for "true" and "B" for false.

Step 3

Select formatting elements, such as font size in style. You can also choose the size and style of bubbles. Add design elements, like graphics headings and lines, to make the test more engaging for your students.

Step 4

Choose an overall format for the test. Select options, like paper size, number of columns and spacing between questions.

Step 5

Create an answer key to correspond to the test and use it to grade the test by hand. If you're using an automated grading machine, enter the key into the machine and scan the tests.

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