PALS Reading is a program developed by Doug Fuchs and Lynn Fuchs, professors of special education at Vanderbilt University. The program is designed to enhance classroom learning in reading and literacy development by pairing students with classmates who serve as peer coaches. The acronym “PALS” stands for Peer-Assisted Learning Strategies. This program is used with the existing reading curriculum in a classroom.

PALS Reading Method

The PALS Reading Program is a series of activities that are used to supplement existing reading curriculum. This program uses a classroom-wide version of peer tutoring.

Ages and Grades Using PALS Reading Program

The PALS Reading Program has levels for students from kindergarten through high school. Individual student needs are addressed regardless of age, grade or reading level.

PALS Training

A one-day workshop is required to train classroom teachers to use the PALS Reading Program in public schools. Workshops and videos are also available for educators who want to learn the PALS method of teaching reading.

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