World history is a field of study that requires memorization of many names, places and dates. Having a good knowledge of world history can be valuable later in life but, as a student, receiving a passing grade in the course is often the immediate desire. Effective study tips for world history can help any student make the grade.

Study Tips

When in class, take notes from the teacher's lecture. Although much of the information is in the textbook, writing it down in your own words may help you to better remember the material.

Read the assigned chapters of the textbook as they are assigned. If you delay your reading until the day before the test, you may not have enough time to read everything. Reading too much at once could also result in study burnout.

Do your homework. Although some students can manage a passing grade solely from their test scores, completing the homework exercises is a way to gauge your understanding of the material. Think of each homework assignment as a mini-test.

When preparing for the world history test, review your textbook, notes and graded homework assignments. Areas where you struggled with homework will show you on which study areas to focus more attention. Use a highlighter to draw attention to textbook passages or sections of your notes that are important.

Try memory tricks. Everyone learns differently, but many students have success with word association or rhymes to help them remember the many names and dates of world history. For example, "In fourteen-hundred and ninety-two, Columbus sailed the ocean blue." Apply similar phrases to any names, dates or events you have difficulty recalling.

If your teacher distributes a study guide before test day, use it. This is essentially a blueprint for what will be covered on the test. You can save yourself from studying the wrong areas by paying close attention to that guide.

In the last minutes before taking the test, review the highlighted sections of your notes once again. This will keep the subjects fresh in your mind.


If you need additional help studying for world history exams, ask your teacher. There may be tutoring available.


If your textbook belongs to the school, do not highlight its pages. Not only is it a form of vandalism, it can be distracting to future readers.

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