Knowing how to speak, understand, read and write English proficiently can make the difference between success and failure, particularly in the United States. Knowing your proficiency level is important for many reasons. Potential employers and educators need to know what their employees' or students' language levels are and students themselves need to know what to study and which areas need improvement. Finding your proficiency is easy using straightforward online testing tools that are now widely available.

Select an online test to complete from one of the many tools available such as ESL Language Studies Abroad, Exam English or Language Level (see the Resources section for links to online language testing sites).

Start the test following any on-screen directions. Read each question carefully and select the correct answer from those supplied. Do not use a dictionary for the test. Complete all the questions.

Calculate your score and English level at the end of the test by clicking submit.

Complete several tests from different websites and compare the results to ensure the English proficiency level obtained is accurate and reflects your skills.

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