If you are taking the Spanish language in high school or college, you will likely be tested on your proficiency in the language at some point. School is not the only place you will encounter a Spanish test. Some jobs require the ability to pass a Spanish test, such as with the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol as a border agent. Regardless of why, the same basics apply for taking and passing a test.

Study your classroom notes and materials before the test. If you have a study partner or study group from your class, you can quiz each other.

Utilize flashcards and sample quizzes to test your knowledge before you take the test. You can use sites such as All The Tests, Funnel Brain and Practice Spanish Online or you can visit your local library to look for books that offer these materials.

Work on your pronunciation, if there is an oral part of the exam. You can do this with an online site such as the LiveMocha.com or the University of Iowa (uiowa.edu). Try the Meetup site (spanish.meetup.com) to find a Spanish-speaking group, or individuals, to get help speaking Spanish.

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