The General Education Development tests remain an effective way for U.S. citizens and residents older than 18 years to prove 12th grade-level proficiency in general subject matter. Puerto Rico is no exception in this regard. If you live in this U.S island territory, you can prepare for and take the tests just as you would on the mainland. But, there's one difference to keep in mind -- language.

GED Requirements

To receive the "diploma de equivalencia de escuela superior" (translation: high school equivalency diploma), you must pass GED tests. Just like test takers on the mainland, Puerto Rico GED test takers must demonstrate knowledge in English, mathematics, science and history through testing; English version test takers must pass a Spanish language test and vice versa, the biggest difference between mainland and island GED requirements.

Test Preparation

How you choose to prepare for the GED in Puerto Rico remains your choice. You can undertake self study, join online GED courses like those offered by University of Puerto Rico and Franklin Virtual High School, or enroll in onsite test preparation courses such as those offered by Centro de Gestion Unica Laboral (translation: CareerOneStop) in San Juan.

Required Paperwork

In Puerto Rico, you can sit for English tests, known as GED, or Spanish language versions, known as Ley #188. To take the tests, you must complete the form "Solicitude Para el Examen de Equivalencia a Escuela Superior" (translation: application for the high school equivalency examination) available from Puerto Rico's Department of Education or on the agency's website. Along with the application, you're required to provide a birth certificate, Social Security card, two passport-type photos and a transcript showing the last year you were enrolled in school; this is used to confirm your eligibility for the tests. Addresses to the Department of Education's main office or regional offices where you can drop off the application are included on the form.

Testing Centers

Ten GED testing centers are on the island of Puerto Rico, according to GED Testing Service's website. You can schedule your GED tests online. If you need assistance scheduling the tests, talk to a department of education or regional representative.

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