Creating a magazine for a school project is great way to package a multimedia report or to provide information on several related subjects for a research project. A magazine for a school project does not need to be long, but it should include photographs, a table of contents and several articles.

Research your topic thoroughly. It is important to look at several different aspects of the topic to create a successful magazine. You may want to highlight a few famous people from a country or time period, as well as cover historical events around the main subject.

Plan the sections of your magazine. You should have a main feature that would be the bulk of your report, but you can add celebrity interviews or profiles of the famous people you have researched. You can add letters to the editor or tips on dealing with problems that are related to your report topic. You can also include advertisements for products that would have been used during the time period or that are related to the topic.

Write the articles and advertisements. Since you are writing several different articles they can be shorter in length than an average essay. You can use the ads or other pictures to break up the text. The main report should be longer than the other pieces.

Layout the magazine. Look at magazines that you read to see examples of the way to layout your magazine. You can have a picture on each page or an advertisement to break up the text. Additionally you should put the text into columns, in order to give it an authentic feel. You can do this in your word processing program or do it by hand.

Design a cover for your magazine. The cover gives the first impression for your project. You can list the articles that are featured on the cover. It should also include an image that represents what your project is about.

Print the magazine and then bind it. You can use a folder to bind it, or you can have it bound professionally at a copy shop.


Adding a table of contents will give an extra touch and can impress a teacher. It is also a great way to check off each point that you were supposed to cover in your research to make sure that you covered everything.

Be sure to follow the research project guidelines when creating the magazine. You may want to run the idea past your teacher to verify that it will be acceptable before you begin working on the magazine.

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