If you are looking for a position with a company but don't know whether it is hiring, you may need to send a blind cover letter along with your resume. This will make the hiring manager aware of your enthusiasm in working for the company. Even if the company has no current opening for the position you are seeking, the hiring manager likely will keep a clean, polished and memorable blind cover letter on file for future reference.

Research companies within the industry that interests you. Visit websites, browse press releases and read news stories to stay informed about changes in the company and new products and services. Contact anyone in the industry you know who may be aware of which companies are hiring for the position you are seeking.

Address the blind cover letter to the hiring manager, supervisor or human resources contact. Find out by phone, the company website or email the name of the person to whom you should send your blind cover letter.

Begin your blind cover letter by introducing yourself in a memorable and professional manner. Include a brief description of your education, work experience and skills that best suit the company and its operations.

Explain why you are interested in working for the particular company. Mention an interesting fact you learned while conducting research and why your specific skills could benefit the company.

Close your cover letter by expressing interest in a face-to-face meeting. Include a specific date when you will call the hiring manager to arrange an interview.


Search business networking websites for information about hiring managers, human resources managers and executives of specific companies to find names, addresses, titles and departments. Send a hard copy of your cover letter, resume and references. Email copies can be easily deleted or overlooked.


Include a resume and references with your blind cover letter. Carefully proofread all materials because even a minor error can eliminate your chances for a job.

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