According to the U.S. Department of Education, as of 2014, over 80,000 American students study abroad each academic year, and the majority study in Europe. Short-term courses appeal to many students because they are just a few weeks long and are usually offered in the summer or mid-winter, allowing students to insert study-abroad classes into their regular college or work schedules. These courses range from classes taught in English to foreign language immersion experiences. Several organizations help American students locate and enroll in European short-term courses.

American Institute for Foreign Study

The American Institute for Foreign Study in Stamford, Conn., offers study-abroad programs at several European universities in a wide range of disciplines. Many programs are all-inclusive, with tuition, housing, meals, travel package, insurance and an on-site support staff. As of 2014, AIFS listed programs at the University of Salzburg, Austria, such as four-week summer courses that are taught in English, including anthropology and literature, in addition to German language courses. AIFS also offered three-week summer courses at the University of Limerick, Ireland, such as biology, economics or traditional Irish music, and location-based painting courses in Florence, Italy, for the three-week January term.

Institute of International Education

The Institute of International Education in New York City, a nonprofit organization that advances international study abroad programs, lists short-term study abroad programs for institutions and organizations, including many at European universities. With thousands of courses available, students search by country, term, discipline, instructional language, course level and cost. Short-term courses available in 2014 included a summer in Scotland at the University of Edinburgh's Scottish Summer Parliamentary Program, where student worked with members of the Scottish Parliament. IIE also offers a two-week language study course in Oslo, Norway, or a six-week art course at Middlesex University in London.

Center for Study Abroad

The Center for Study Abroad, located in Kent, Wash., offers low-cost accredited study-abroad programs at several European locations. The center, according to listings in 2014, offers mostly two- or four-week courses, such as two- or four-week Italian language courses in several locations throughout Italy, including Rome and Milan; Spanish language and culture classes at the University of Barcelona; or German language courses at the University of Vienna. Other opportunities include two to four weeks at the University of Oxford summer school studying creative writing or visual arts, or a two- or four-week, location-based course in Lisbon or Porto studying the Portuguese language.

The Worldwide Classroom

The Worldwide Classroom, an informational program of the Consortium for International Education and Multicultural Studies in Milwaukee, Wis., compiles information about short-term courses that are searchable by country or category. For example, the listings included a two-week French intensive summer course at the Amira Language School in Brussels, or one-week or longer French language courses at the Academie de Langues France Mediterranee in Perpignan, France. In addition, the Studio Art Centers International in Florence, Italy, offers two- or four-week summer studies in art, Italian culture and other art-related disciplines.

Study Portals

As of 2014, Study Portals, in the Netherlands, offers courses such as a one-month fashion and editorial photography course through the London School of Business and Finance, or a two-week certificate in Dutch culture, history and art at the Utrecht Summer School. Study Portals also lists a one-week course in river basin modeling using modeling software at UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education in the Netherlands, or a two-week course in archaeological fieldwork at the University of Amsterdam.

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