Tokyo is an ideal city for artists to study in, as it is rich in culture, style and is home to many art schools. These art schools, many of which are also open to international students, offer courses in all forms of art such as animation, Web design, sculpting, photography and painting, giving students of varying interests and talents a wide range of options.

Joshibi University of Art and Design

Joshibi University of Art and Design has a campus in the Suginami ward of Tokyo and specializes in all forms of art such as painting, visual design, sculpture and textile. The institution was Japan's first women's art school and private art school. The Suginami campus is home to the Joshibi Junior College of Art and Design, which offers a two-year program. Bachelor's degree programs in the Department of Cross-Disciplinary Art and Design and a one-year postgraduate program are also available. The school is open to international students, though they must complete the Special Selection Entrance Examination before admission.

Tokyo Designer Gakuin College

Tokyo Designer Gakuin College, in the Chiyoda City district, is a specialty college for design art. It offers 55 courses including illustration as well as graphic, fashion and architectural design. The school is geared toward students considering a career in design. Students have access to high-tech equipment and multiple studios to use for their work. The school is open to international students, with a diverse mix of people from China, America, Canada and Korea.

Asagaya College of Art And Design

Asagaya College of Art And Design, in the Suginami district, is a three-year, hands-on training college focusing on visual art and design. As a small school with about 140 students a year, it provides a close knit, intimate environment. Some of the courses offered include drawing, video art, illustration, computer skills and character design, making the school a good fit for students interested in television, movies and comic books. The school is open to international students, but they must be fluent in Japanese.

Musashino Art University

Musashino Art University, in the Kodaira district, offers undergraduate and graduate programs. According to the International Council of Communication Design, it is one of the leading art schools in the country, specializing in all aspects of art, including history and management. The school, with a liberal arts department specializing in areas such as language and culture, aims to provide a well-rounded education for students. Musashino is open to international students, though they must be fluent in Japanese writing, reading and speaking.

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